Inbound Calls

Inbound Contact Center

Local/Mobile Number Selection

We provide a number to our clients for Cloud and On premise Solutions.

  • Virtual Number
  • Local Numbers
  • Mobile Numbers
  • Tollfree Numbers
  • Call Forwarding
Contact Center Services
Inbound Call Center Services


Office 24/7 includes both, a direct or single level Integrated Voice Response System or IVRS and a multi-level system. You may choose to opt for the one that suits your requirements. The IVRS offers the following features.

  • Welcome/Greeting Message
  • Scheduling or Time Based Activities
  • Caller Based Activities
  • Multilevel IVRS
  • Programmable Extensions
  • Text to Speech & Speech Recognization
  • Voicemail Integration
  • Audio Store
  • Audio file uploads
  • Recording Studio"


When the contact center receives calls, a set protocol of routing the calls makes it easy to manage and optimally respond to each call. Calls can be routed based on the following aspects:

  • ACD – Automatic call distributing algorithms
  • Scheduling or Time of the day Routing
  • Skill based routing
  • Priority routing
  • Sticky Agent
  • Queue Management
  • In Queue counter & Estimation wait time
  • MOH (Music on Hold) and custom moh tones
Global inbound call services
inbound agent cti

Agent CTI

When agents receive calls there is a volume of information that agents need to rely upon in order to serve the caller appropriately.

  • Agent module
  • CTI Screen pop up
  • Agent Scripts
  • CRM Integrations
  • Contact Database or Customer Data Management
  • Call Recording
  • Virtual phone
  • Work from home

Post Call Survay

Post call surveys help gauge the callers’ satisfaction with the resolution provided, the manner they were dealt with, and their expectations.

  • Feedback IVRS
  • Voicemail Integration
  • SMS with shorturl
  • SMS with missed call numbers
inbound post call survay
reports analytics

Reports & Analytics

Reports and analysis helps managers keep track of their campaign.

  • Real time Report
  • Agent Performance Report
  • Call Status Report
  • Geographical Report
  • Hour wise calls analysis
  • Month wise calls analysis
  • Agent wise calls analysis
  • Location wise calls analysis
  • Custom Reports